White House Violates Fourth Amendment Rights of Thousands


We all know that Trump is a vindictive man. His weak temperament and fragile ego require that if anyone disagrees with him about anything, he will attempt to make them suffer. Sometimes it’s just a ridiculous tweet which gives more ammunition to the late night comics, and sometimes it is an act of hate and even a violation of the Constitution.

“These are public comments, similar to individuals appearing before commission to make comments and providing name before making comments,” said Marc Lotter, Press Secretary to Mike Pence, in an email. “The Commission’s Federal Register notice asking for public comments and its website make clear that information ‘including names and contact information’ sent to this email address may be released.”

I’m sorry, but I call “bull***t. This is an act of retribution because Trump and Pence believe in fascism. They are criminals who would repeal the fourth amendment. This is also an attack on the first amendment and our right to free speech.

Here are just a few of the best comments sent to your illegitimate and mentally incompetent president.

DO NOT RELEASE ANY OF MY VOTER DATA PERIOD,” wrote one voter whose name and email address was published by the White House.

Beefed up the security on this email address yet?” asked another voter whose name and email address were also published by the White House.

The request for private voter information is offensive,” wrote one voter whose name, home address and email address were published by the White House.

I removed my name from voter rolls. And I’m a Republican!” wrote one voter whose name was published by the White House.”

My suggestion to Trump and Pence is ‘grow up,’ and ‘buy a pair.’ You are wrong about everything and it’s time to admit it. If you cannot accept the will of the people; real Americans; you must go back to New York and Indiana where the people don’t want you either. You have made yourselves the most hated and disrespected men in America’s 241 year history.

This is more proof that Trump and Putin have colluded for 12 years to remake the United States of American into a fascist nation. Putin’s longtime goal has been achieved. His interference in the 2016 election gifted Trump the presidency and he has begun to follow the guidelines of Adolf Hitler in 1933 Germany.

What do you really think Trump and Putin talked about for two hours and fifteen minutes in Hamburg last week? It wasn’t the weather, and the only discussion about Putin’s interference was related to its success. There was most surely a lot of ‘back slapping’ between the two despots.

Trump’s efforts to discredit the legitimate press and glorify right wing propaganda machines including FOX Noise, Alex Jones, and Breitbart, validates my claim that Trump, Pence and the rest of his circle of sinners are fascists who believe in white supremacy, and the destruction of our Constitution.

The time to join the revolution is now; not tomorrow; now! We cannot allow immoral and unprincipled men and women to destroy the nation of our founding fathers. Republicans and their leaders are the enemy; they do not represent you and yours. They are not to be trusted, and Trump’s supporters cannot be allowed to call themselves Americans. They are all traitors to our nation and its people.

Please, please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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