If Jared Kushner is Guilty, Ivanka is Complicit

Ivanka (2)Kushner

Jared Kushner lied on his security clearance form. He met with at least three Russian agents closely linked to Vladimir Putin during the election process. Not only is this perjury, it is treason. We also know that if he was involved in these meetings, his wife, Ivanka Trump, was fully informed of his actions. Kushner is guilty, and Ivanka has proven herself a liar and a traitor to her country; she is complicit in every action committed by her husband and her father.

Donald Trump has never been prosecuted for his crimes related to business ‘deals’ in the past. He has bribed public officials, and even stolen from his own charity. The legal system in our nation is broken; the wealthy are seldom punished for their crimes.

There is no doubt that Trump has instilled this fact into his spawn, and his son-in-law. However, now that they are in the public eye, and the level of scrutiny is much greater, crimes committed against the United States will not be ignored or forgiven.

Jared and Ivanka are a facade. They are spoiled rich kids who have never learned what America is to the majority of our nation’s people. They live in an alternate America where working to provide necessities for their families has never been a concern. They also know that they can literally do anything they desire and will never face repercussions for their actions.

These two New York socialites have blank work resumes. When Trump placed Kushner and then Ivanka on his White House staff, everyone asked ‘why;’ and we continue to ask why. Kushner was given a long lists of tasks; none of which he has achieved. When he was sent to Israel and Palestine to secure a peace agreement, he was literally ‘laughed out of town.’ It appears the only thing he has accomplished was to assist Russia with its interference in our election. It is now alleged that he helped Putin’s agents pinpoint their cyber attacks.

There are only two people in the entire world who know everything about Donald Trump’s life of crime and debauchery. Ivanka is fully aware that her father is a sexual predator. She has been in his presence when he attempted to bully his adversaries. She is also aware of the fact that Trump is suffering from a form of mental illness which forces him to lose his temper frequently, and prevents him from the ability to focus on serious issues for more than a few minutes. No one understands the fact that Trump is unfit to be our nation’s president better than Ivanka.

If Kushner is prosecuted for his crimes, Ivanka must also face charges of collusion. There is no way imaginable where she has not been fully aware of her husband’s criminal and treasonous actions.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Images courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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