The Farcical Plan to Build Trump’s ‘Wall’ is Supported by Republicans in Washington


Immigration and criminal experts have offered evidence that building a wall between Mexico and the United States would have no discernible effect. It will not halt the flow of drugs or illegal weapons into the United States. It will not prevent criminal elements from finding a way to arrive on American soil. It would be nothing more than another effort by Trump and his circle of sinners to isolate our nation from the rest of the world. The cost would rise into tens of billions of dollars, according to engineers and construction experts, and would not be completed until after 2020, when Trump will be back in his golden tower.

None of this matters to Republicans in the House; they continue to serve their master, and ignore facts and the American people. Their new homeland security bill offered by the House Appropriations Committee is requesting $1.6 billion from the Office of Management and Budget to begin construction on Trump’s ‘wall.’

There is no excuse for ‘ignorance by choice.’ This is what Republican’s have chosen as their path for governing our nation. The do not know how to lead our nation; they are destroyers not creators. Trump’s most ridiculous promises were the wall, his Muslim ban, and his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with ‘something better.’ It has become fair to call Trump what he is, a mentally incapacitated old man, who has no right to defile the White House.

America has had 44 presidents, (one of them twice), we are still looking for our 45th. Trump is not close to being the President of the United States. Just as his party is ‘Republican in name only,’ Trump bears a title but is in reality a failed man, and in no way ‘presidential.’

If Republicans vote to build this wall, and reduce funding for Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Education, and other programs which affect the majority, they must be removed from office along with Trump. They lied when they took their oaths of office, and are not serving the majority of the American people, they are serving their party and its leader. There is not a single Republican in Washington today. They lack principles, ideals and the willingness to deliberate and compromise to accomplish quality legislation which would positively affect the American people.

GOP politicians are not listening to the people, no matter how loudly we scream. When they lose elections, they will begin to listen.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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