Did Jared Kushner Pinpoint Targets for Russian Hacking in the 2016 Election?


The last few days have proven that Donald Trump Jr. is a moron and a criminal. But at the center of the investigation into Trump’s relations with Vladimir Putin remains the focus upon Jared Kushner, a man who is Donald Trump’s alter ego.

There are new questions arising about the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russian hacking. Investigations are looking into the campaign’s ‘digital operation’ which was under the control of Jared Kushner. The concern is whether or not Kushner helped ‘pinpoint’ information which could be hacked about Hillary Clinton and her campaign. There are additional concerns that Kushner may have had a role in releasing hacked e-mails to the public.

Trump, his spawn, and his son-in-law all believe that they are above the law. As it is with most of our wealthiest citizens, they never pay a price for their crimes. This may not be the case in 2017; Trump’s campaign undoubtedly colluded with Vladimir Putin to interfere in our most democratic right; our right to vote and believe that it is both secret, and secure. This crime will have consequences, and be punished; if not by the courts, by the American people.

Adam Schiff, the highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said he wants the House panel to determine whether Trump aides helped Russia time its cyberattacks or target certain voters and whether there was “any exchange of information, any financial support funneled to organizations that were doing this kind of work.”

Richard Nixon said: “The people have a right to know if their president is a crook.” He was right, and Donald Trump has followed his example of deny, deny, deny, until the indisputable truth is revealed. Trump has lied his way through 71 years of life in America, but when his lies are exposed, his administration will crash to the ground, and America’s nightmare will end.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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