Will England and the United States Stand Alone in the World?

Trump and May

The people of Great Britain are learning the same lesson as the people of America. The ‘Brexit’ vote was a rash decision, intended to be a protest against the government. Most now say that they never believed it would actually pass. The citizens of England are now experiencing ‘buyer’s remorse’ as the reality of standing alone in Europe nears reality. In America, those who supported Donald Trump in protest against a failed Republican Party, will suffer the most from an incompetent Trump administration. Both nations are suffering from the actions of uninformed voters.

The recent G20 meeting in Hamburg may have been far more crucial to the structure of the free world than previously understood. As protesters filled the streets, 20 world leaders were meeting to discuss multiple issues facing their nations and the world’s population.

The protesters were expressing their concerns about the focus of those meetings. There is rarely discussion about the people; about enhancing the quality of life for the working man. The subject matter is mostly a discussion of trade and the monetary future of their nations; not the people.

When the Summit ended, the G20 had become the G19. The two major issues agreed upon by 19 nation’s leaders, were rejected by Donald Trump. Their concerns were climate change, caused by man, which is the greatest danger to the entire world, and trade agreements.

Trump continues to be ignorant and claim the climate change does not exist; it is a hoax created by China. He has frequently denounced trade agreements without a defined reason.

Just last week Japan and the European Union laid the groundwork for a massive trade agreement; excluding the United States.

During his first five-and-one-half months we have learned that Trump’s knowledge about both the world, and domestic issues is virtually non-existent. More unnerving is the fact that he refuses to learn. He has surrounded himself with unqualified and inexperienced ‘advisers.’ This administration is emblematic of what happens when the ‘inmates are allowed to run the asylum.’

Trump is having new hats made. The slogan will be: “Make America Stand Alone,” with a subtitle; “we don’t need no stinking friends.”

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the White House

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