Trump Can “Dish it Out, but he Can’t Take It”

Trump (3)

Trump attacks everyone. He has no conscience and has attacked a ‘Gold Star’ Muslim family, John McCain’s military service, the legitimate media, and anyone else who has offered an opinion about him, personally, or his racist and bigoted actions. Most of his rants are accomplished with the use of his little thumbs and his twitter account. He lacks the courage to face his detractors and receive a response.

To ensure that his adversaries are unable to tell him how they feel about his attacks, he has blocked numerous Americans from tweeting a response to his childish rants.

Today an organization filed a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump in a Manhattan federal court, claiming that blocking individuals from his account is a violation of the first amendment. I think that’s number 135 in the lawsuit category for Trump since he became your illegitimate president.

Bullies are cowards, and Trump is nothing more than a schoolyard bully. This was the manner in which he conducted his “deals.” He is not a negotiator or a diplomat; he cannot engage in an honest discussion.

Stories about his ‘temper tantrums’ in the White House have already become legendary. Trump is a weak-minded old man who has proven that he is mentally challenged.

Trump could receive another ‘first;’ he could become the first president removed by the 25th amendment.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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