New Jobs but not Good News for the American Worker

American workers

222,000 jobs were created in June. This would appear to be a reason to celebrate. This is the highest number of new jobs in a single month since 2001. Did Donald Trump actually accomplish something? Of course the answer is ‘no,’ it had nothing to do with your illegitimate president.

The primary reason economists are not celebrating this large number is the sad future of the American worker. The vast majority of these jobs are not ‘blue collar’ employment; they are in the service industry. This industry generally pays minimum wage or slightly higher; a wage which is unable to provide the necessities to sustain life in most of America’s cities.

As Republicans continue to support tax cuts for Donald Trump and other wealthy Americans, and assist them in the growth of their personal incomes, they resist an increase in the federal minimum wage, and lie to the American people, claiming that a raise would cause increased unemployment as the ‘job creators’ reduce their work force. This is historically inaccurate. When the minimum wage has been raised in the past, no change in the employment rate occurred.

Although the truth is completely ignored by Republicans, income inequality is a growing problem in America. 585 billionaires, and 10.7 million, millionaires compose 10 percent of our nation’s people and control more than 90 percent of our country’s wealth.

With the outsourcing of factory employment, decent paying jobs for less-educated Americans no longer exist. As ‘robotics’ and ‘AI,’ Artificial Intelligence experience increased presence in the workplace, even minimum wage employment numbers will decrease. No one in Washington is addressing this serious problem which is advancing rapidly. Economists already believe that most millennials will be unable to achieve the ‘American Dream;’ to purchase their own home.

America’s greatest problem is the future of the majority of the American people. Terrorism, immigration, a crumbling infrastructure, and even North Korea have far less importance, and should present a lower priority than the future of most Americans.

It’s time to elect men and women like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris; true Americans who address the fact that without a successful workforce, America does not exist. If a politician is not placing the interests of you, your family, and your friends as his or her first priority, they do not deserve your vote.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Michael Fleshman

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