More Fake News from Donald J. Trump via FOX Noise


A pretend journalist on “FOX and Friends” offered viewers, including Donald Trump, a misleading story about James Comey Monday morning. (What a shock; FOX misleading its viewers?)

It turns out, he may actually have broken the rules. A brand-new bombshell report accuses Comey of putting our national security at risk. According to the Hill, the former FBI director’s personal memos detailing private conversations with President Trump contained top secret information.”

In a tweet, the FOX personality said: “Report accuses material James Comey leaked to a friend contained top secret information.”

Of course Trump loves this fake news broadcast, and ran with the misinformation offered by a bad actor. He put his small thumbs to work.

James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!

The misleading story on FOX was based on a report by ‘The Hill.’ The words ‘top secret’ never appeared in the story. Here is the actual text.

That report says that there were a total of seven memos prepared by Comey after his nine conversations with Trump. Four of those memos are marked as classified at the ‘secret’ or ‘confidential’ level, officials told the Hill.”

After the FOX broadcast, a more definitive explanation was offered by The Hill.

The wording on that Fox report is misleading. The memos contained classified information is true when considering the memos as a group. It is not true, though, that each memo contained classified information — or, at least, it’s not true that each memo was marked as being classified.”

My fellow Americans; we have an illegitimate president who believes fake news and calls the legitimate news “fake.” I once again maintain that Trump must undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. “Something’s desperately wrong with Donny Boy.”

Now let’s prepare ourselves for what he believes from Alex Jones or Breitbart.

Am I the only one, or do others become very frightened to think that all of Trump’s information comes from fake news?

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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