Tyrants Share a Philosophy as Trump and Putin Attack the Legitimate Press

Trump and Putin

On Friday Trump and his handler, Vladimir Putin, met for over two hours during the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Conflicting accounts of the dialogue between the two offered little information. One moment, on camera, offered a shared laugh between them when Putin addressed the conflict between Trump and the legitimate press.

These are the ones that insulted you?” Putin reportedly asked Trump, gesturing at press photographing the two leaders before their meeting.

You are right about that,” Trump reportedly replied.

The enemy of fascism is free speech. In 1933 Adolf Hitler eliminated all other parties other than Nazis, and all “information” came from the state. Freedom of the press disappeared. Only ‘alternative facts,’ coming directly from Hitler and his generals, were allowed in the newspapers and on the radio.

Trump and Putin have many enemies, but the enemy they fear the most is the truth. After five and one-half months in office only the most loyal Trump supporters believe anything Trump says or tweets. We know that he is unable to tell the truth. Although Trump has accomplished nothing, and forgotten his promises to his supporters, he continues to claim otherwise. He has managed to destroy many of the advances achieved for the American people over the last 60+ years, and continues to remove President Obama’s legacy causing great harm to the majority of our nation’s people.

The first amendment is the most important section of the Constitution; it guarantees most of the rights we cherish as Americans. It has come under constant attack from Republicans for years as they seek the suppression of voting rights, and attempt to institute a single religion into our government. Trump has created a personal vendetta to squash free speech, and the freedom of the press. He worships FOX Noise, which is a right wing propaganda machine, but labels all of the legitimate press as ‘fake news.’ No one can be that ignorant; this is intentional and an effort to remove freedom and democracy from America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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