Paul Ryan is not only a Hypocrite, He’s a Coward

Ryan (2)

In November of 2016, we learned that Paul Ryan was Donald Trump in different clothing. He had fooled millions of Americans into believing that he was principled, intelligent, and cared about the needs and desires of the American people. With Trump as his illegitimate president, Ryan bowed to his master’s wishes, regardless of how harmful they were to the majority of Americans.

For more than eight years we knew how traitorous Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was, but Ryan had most of us fooled.

Ryan’s greatest failure was forcing the worst healthcare bill possible through the House, knowing that it would remove healthcare from 23 million Americans, raise premiums, and remove coverage for preexisting conditions, and no longer cover mental healthcare and pregnancy. Ryan rejoiced knowing that Medicaid would suffer enormous cuts, harming low-income and impoverished Americans, while Trump and 584 other billionaires would receive tax cuts. He is not interested. From the first day he was elected he vowed to repeal Medicaid; he is getting his wish.

Congress took another vacation over the 4th of July holiday. Many Republicans were afraid to go home after the senate’s version of Trumpcare revealed that it was similar to the House’s disaster. Many refused to march in parades and hid from the public in undisclosed locations. Ryan simply refused to talk to Wisconsin’s voters. He added ‘cowardice’ to his list of labels.

I don’t want to have a situation where we just have a screaming fest, a shouting fest, where people are being bused in from out of the district to get on TV because they’re yelling at somebody,” Ryan said. “That does nobody any good. What I want to do is have a civil, good, quiet conversation with constituents.”

Translation: “I will only talk to Trump supporters. I don’t give a damn about centrist Republicans or liberals; they don’t matter.”

If you have read my rants before, you know that I am an Independent and miss the Republican Party. For over 20 years the GOP has moved further to the right and has displayed its support for special interests while ignoring the people. They are controlled by the one-percent through lobbyists who tell them how to vote. Without principles or positive ideas to improve the lives of all Americans, The GOP is ‘Republican in name only.’

Ryan joins McConnell in being a traitor to the American people. He is up for reelection in November of 2018; another one of my dreams.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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