Did You Vote For Ivanka Trump Last November? I Did Not

Ivanka (2)

The G20 Summit is a meeting of the leaders of the wealthiest nations in the world. Whether he is legitimate or not, Trump is expected to attend all of these meetings and represent our country. So where was he during the discussion regarding Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health,” and why was his blonde, airhead daughter, Ivanka, sitting in his seat. His spawn has no experience; absolutely no expertise related to the subject matter, and she is not an elected official.

Putin was sitting two seats away from the ‘New York Socialite,’ so we know that Trump was not in a secret meeting with him. Was he too busy, or just too old and tired to do his job. Maybe he was in a hotel room with two, young German prostitutes and enjoying a ‘golden shower.’ The fact is that he was refusing to perform the job for which he was elected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked about Trump’s replacement.

“The delegations themselves decide, should the president not be present for a meeting, who will take the chair, and Ivanka Trump was part of the American delegation,” Merkel said at a press conference. “It is very well known that she works at the White House and that she is engaged in certain initiatives.”

Hell, I know more about what is happening in the world than a spoiled rich child who is out of touch with reality; I could have sat in the meeting and be able to offer input which was credible.

My first question is how can the American people and the Republican controlled congress allow an un-elected person, who has no specific function in our government, to place herself in this level of importance with the leaders of the world? This is criminal, and adds proof that Trump has no idea about what he is doing. For him the presidency is nothing more than a game.

If this article makes me sound like an angry old man; I am! What the hell is Trump doing to my country. I am already disgusted that this old, immoral man, who is obese with a huge a**, is destroying the dignity and relevance of the President of the United States. If he dislikes his job, why doesn’t he quit and go back to his garish penthouse apartment. He should not be allowed to defile the White House and degrade the presidency.

I remember 11 real presidents and now one illegitimate pretender. Not one of them refused to perform his job, until now. Watching television, and golfing are not presidential. Not committing to engaging with other world leaders is unforgivable. To allow a charlatan such as Ivanka to be associated with real leaders is a slap in the face to them and to the American people.

I have had it with this bad joke making a once respected nation the object of ridicule.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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