Trump’s White House a “Good Old Boys Club”

Trump (7)

Trump lies; constantly. This is not new information. One of his biggest lies is that he claims to ‘respect women.’ We know from the ‘Access Hollywood,’ and ‘The Apprentice’ tapes that he views women as having a single purpose. He also believe that because he is ‘rich and famous,’ he is allowed to do anything he wishes to them. What he doesn’t do is pay them a fair wage.

First of all I must inform you that in the Obama White House did not ensure that women received equal pay for the same position. The disparity ranged from 10 to 18 percent. However, in the Trump White House the gap is much, much wider.

The median female White House employee is drawing a salary of $72,650 in 2017, compared to the median male salary of $115,000. “The typical female staffer in Trump’s White House earns 63.2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer.”

If you remember all of the accusations made against Trump charging sexual harassment and sexual assault, and claims of verbal and physical assault by his wives, you know the real Donald Trump. Add to these claims, the statements of contestants in the ‘Miss Universe Pageant,’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ proves that Trump is a sexist and sexual predator.

Why would a man who does not value women as equals consider paying them equal wages? It makes sense.

It is now a proven fact that Trump is unfit to govern the United States. What the media and his political foes are failing to remind the American people is that Trump is a man without morals; without principles; a man whose every action is focused on himself. He does not care about America; he does not care about you and your family. He is an egocentric billionaire whose every proposal would benefit him, and harm the great majority of the American people.

Someone, maybe me, will write a book about Trump’s, hopefully short-lived, presidency. It will be titled “Donald Trump Exposed; the Man Behind the Facade.” It will reveal the truth about not only Trump but his spawn as well. They are greedy, spoiled, incompetent, and uncaring. They are not an ‘American’ family; they exist in another world totally out of touch with real Americans who love their country not only for what it can do for them, but for what we can do for each other.

Have I made it clear that I do not respect; do not offer my loyalty to your illegitimate president? I hope so.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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