Trump’s Failures Remove the United States from Huge Trade Deal

Trump (6)

Trump is very good at making promises, but he is a failure when it comes to taking action. Even Trump supporters now know that he had no plan; no path which would accomplish any of his promises. Trump is unfit to govern, and he cannot hide this fact from the American people.

The truth is that with Trump defiling the White House, the entire Republican Party has been exposed as a failure when it attempts to govern and no longer ‘just say no.’

During his campaign, Trump constantly denounced ‘trade agreements.’ He says that he will re-negotiate NAFTA, and withdrew America from negotiations to create the TPP. This has not been his only effort to alienate our allies, and his inability to become a diplomat rather than a bully, has resulted in the beginnings of our nation’s isolation from the rest of the free world.

On Thursday Japan and the European Union agreed on an outline to establish a massive trade agreement; and the United States was not invited to participate.

Two big, highly globalized economies are stepping up and showing they’re going to continue liberalization — with or without the US,” Caroline Freund, a senior fellow at the generally pro-free trade Peterson Institute for International Economics stated.

Even before Trump’s inauguration, there were signs that the American president would no longer be the leader of the free world. Trump’s attitude of ‘my way or the highway’ has accomplished negative results. Europe and Asia no longer trust America thanks to millions of ignorant voters who chose to select a president who is the most unqualified man in history to sit in the Oval Office.

Does anyone remember when Trump told his supporters that he would ‘not have time to play golf; he would be too busy making deals to have any time to play golf?’ He has not made a single ‘deal’ in over five months, but he has played dozens of rounds of golf.

It was a serious mistake for Trump to remove America from negotiations for the TPP. American business will lose billions of dollars in exports, and with this new agreement looming between Japan and the European Union, additional harm will come to America’s economy.

Your illegitimate president is ‘winging it.’ He has refused to read “The Presidency for Dummies,” and has no idea of how to be America’s president. It is more evident each day that he never believed that he could win last November.

I sure wish he hadn’t.

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Op-ed By James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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