Missouri Republicans Escalate their War on the Working Class

Missouri Governor's Mansion

Missouri Governor Eric Gretens is telling the same old Republican lie. He is making the fallacious claim that raising the minimum wage would cost jobs. The facts totally debunk his lies. Throughout history a raise in the minimum wage has never resulted in unemployment.

In some areas of Missouri, local government raised the minimum wage from $7.70 and hour to $10.00, with an additional dollar raise due in January. The Republican controlled legislature passed a law disallowing those areas to increase the wages of low-income men and women and move it back to the $7.70 amount.

This is another example of Republican traitors waging war on the working class. If you are not a millionaire or billionaire, GOP politicians do not represent you, and must be removed from office.

Advocates for a $15 national minimum wage are angry with another Republican governor who works for special interests only.

The move shows the utmost contempt for working people in [Greitens’] own state,” Fight For 15, an advocacy group seeking to raise the minimum wage to $15, tweeted Monday.

Greitens stands on his decision, and is ignoring the needs and wishes of his state’s voters.

Despite what you hear from liberals, [the wage increase] will take money out of people’s pockets,” Greitens told the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

It’s time, America; it’s your country, not theirs. If politicians refuse to vote according to your needs and wishes, they must find new employment; hopefully at only $7.70 an hour.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Paul Sabelman

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