Is Donald Trump Offering Support for his Bigoted Fans?


No one who is of average intelligence denies that Trump’s penchant for tweeting is not only immature, and un-presidential, it frequently reveals his true character; or lack of. When Mika Brzezinski accurately labeled Trump a ‘serial liar,’ and he responded with vile and crude attacks against her, Trump revealed much more about himself than he intended.

First of all, we must look back to the months prior to the election. Trump received the endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan, and other white terrorist groups who espouse hatred and incite violence. Trump never rejected their support. After his illegitimate election, his first selections for chief White House adviser, and Attorney General were Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. Both men have proven their belief in white nationalism.

Recently, when a disgusting video was tweeted by Trump depicting him throwing down a CNN reporter and repeatedly punching him in the face, Trump did not apologize for his support of violence. But here’s the interesting part.

The origin of the video was claimed by a ‘Reddit’ user. Prior to the Trump video, this same individual frequently posted anti-Semitic videos.

“The video was not pulled from Reddit,” a White House official said, declining to answer other questions, including how the President was made aware of the video.

There was not a disclaimer or an explanation from the illegitimate president himself.

A man must be judged by his actions, and not by his words alone. If we were to evaluate the character of your illegitimate president by the vile words used during his rallies, we could assume that he was a racist and a bigot who supports violence. However, when he directed his staff and supporters to ‘punch him in the face,’ and other commands which were similar, it was confirmed that he is an immoral and bigoted man.

The real question here is ‘can we allow a man to defile the White House who does not believe in American principles; does not believe that all men are equal and protected by the Constitution; does not believe that violence in response to verbal disagreement is a violation of the first amendment; or a man who objectifies women, believing that they exist for his personal pleasure?’

I am embarrassed for my country, and ashamed of the man who claims to be our president. He is not presidential in any form. His obvious mental problems prevent him for using his minimal intellect first, instead of ‘throwing temper tantrums’ when he is criticized.

I don’t believe that the American people deserve to have such a deplorable man as the country’s leader. Trump is the worst thing ever to happen to our nation. His supporters should feel shame and remorse for permanently damaging America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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