More Republican Hypocrisy: Chris Christie’s Back in the News



In another state that is broke and has a Republican governor, New Jersey residents are experiencing the effects of an impasse in the state legislature involving healthcare. The state beaches are closed for the 4th of July weekend, unless you are the governor. Chris Christie enjoyed a ‘private beach party’ with his family on Sunday.

An aerial photographer captured the party, and the pictures were posted in the ‘Star-Ledger.’ Like his idol, Donald Trump, he defended his actions because laws and rules don’t apply to them.

“What a great bit of journalism by The Star-Ledger. They actually caught a politician being where he said he was going to be with the people he said he was going to be with, his wife and children and their friends. I am sure they will get a Pulitzer for this one,” Christie told Fox News.

Sarcasm won’t cover up the truth Governor Christie. It’s easy to see why your popularity continues to drop.

This was Christie’s justification for closing the state’s beaches.

This order is necessary to maintain the protection, safety and well-being of the people of New Jersey while I attempt to convince the legislature to send me a fiscally responsible budget that I can sign and re-open New Jersey’s government,” Christie said in a statement announcing the shutdown.

Like Trump, Christie throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the ocean breeze on a summer’s day in July.

How long ago was it when I first informed all of you that ‘hypocrite’ and ‘Republican’ are now synonyms?

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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