Mitch McConnell: A Man without Substance


If you are paying attention to what is happening in Washington, you are very concerned. Our government is virtually out of control. No one knows what the other person is doing or thinking. With an illegitimate president who is literally ‘winging it,’ and continues to act like a complete fool tweeting personal attacks while ignoring 320 million people, Washington is literally in a s**t storm.

Although Trump is at the center of everything that is wrong with our government, the blame is far from his alone. The Speaker of the House, Lyin Paul Ryan is an enormous hypocrite who fooled the citizens of Wisconsin and the American people for years. He is incapable of governing America, a fact proven by the reality that his own House is at war with each other. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has proven himself to be the greatest traitor in history to the American people, and is the reason why our government is broken beyond repair. His eight year promise to do nothing while a black president was residing in the White House destroyed democracy.

However, this 75-year-old failure has been exposed under the Trump administration. He is incapable of governing, and the only ability he has is to say ‘no.’

Four years ago, Jason Cherkis reported that McConnell is a facade while reporting for the Huffington Post. He reported that McConnell is not an idealist; he believes that his personal power will survive any and all opposition. He lacks intellectual ability, and relies on tactics which have served him for 40 years in politics. The truth is that in 40 years, McConnell has very few legislative successes to his credit. He is a politician who proves that term limits are mandatory.

If McConnell fails to pass the senate’s version of Trumpcare, he will suffer his greatest and possibly terminal defeat. Because he kept his promise in 2009, that his party would do nothing as long as President Obama was in office, he wasted eight years learning how to perform the job for which he was elected by the people of Kentucky. His numerous reelections were based on the coal mining industry, but as of today no new jobs in the industry have been created by his failing and illegitimate president. The truth is, he is too old to remain in government. He must be retired for the sake of our nation and the residents of the state of Kentucky.

He will be remembered as the worst Senate Majority Leader in history without a single memorable accomplishment to his credit. McConnell is a man without substance; without moral character; and without sufficient intellect to succeed in Washington.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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