Are China and Russia Combining to Make America the Third most powerful Nation in the World?

Xi Jinping (2)


China’s President Xi Jinping is reporting that his nation and Russia have established a closer relationship today than at any other time in history.

“President (Vladimir) Putin and I have built good working relations and a close personal friendship,” Xi said.

Let’s take a close look at what this means for the American people.

By his own actions and words, Trump has removed himself from the position as ‘leader of the free world.’ Putin has been looking for a way to not only reduce America’s status in the world, he seeks to remove our country’s power, both economically and militarily. His motives for assisting Trump in the 2016 election were far more devious and purposeful than the press is willing to report.

Putin is very intelligent; Trump is not. Putin saw an opportunity to weaken our nation by insuring that a weak-minded buffoon would become the man in control of a government which was already fractured.

The bonds which are being created between China and Russia will place the United States in third place, or lower, in its world’s standing. America will lose respect as Russia and China join forces to control the world’s economy and political direction. This is not dissimilar to the 1930’s when Germany and Italy combined to take control of Western Europe.

Trump will do nothing about the situation. He is too busy tweeting film of himself punching someone in the face. He is simply not intelligent enough to understand that relationships between nations, not military might, are the forces which decide the security of a nation.

Thanks to eight years of a Bush administration, our nation remains in fiscal jeopardy. The United States is in debt to China for billions of dollars. Under Trump, our relationships with other nations is deteriorating to a level which is frightening.

When your illegitimate president is more concerned with press coverage and the Russia investigations, all domestic and international crises are forgotten. I, and others who write primarily about politics, underestimated how destructive Trump’s lack of experience and lack of qualifications would be to our nation’s future. He is the greatest disaster ever experienced by the United States of America.

The media must cease its attempts to ‘explain’ Donald Trump and tell the truth. He is a danger to 320 million Americans. There is no longer any doubt that Trump is mentally unstable. Whether his difficulties are the result of senility, dementia, or paranoid schizophrenia, he is not ‘normal.’ No ‘normal’ person has such a weak temperament or a constant need to have his ego soothed by his subordinates.

Just remember a couple of weeks ago when the Russia investigation began to escalate, and Trump gathered his cabinet for a ‘meeting.’ The television cameras were on, and all of the world watched as Trump begged all of his advisers to offer him praise and even adulation. I was embarrassed as I listened to statements made by high level officials which were not only lavish; they were fallacious. The only purpose for this ‘meeting’ was to improve his dark state of mind.

The 25th amendment was established as a safeguard to prevent one man from causing great harm to an entire nation. It is time to invoke this rule and save 320 million Americans.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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