Trump’s Attempt to Create Voter Suppression Indicates that He Approves of Russia’s Hacking our Election


Trump remains desperate to convince the American people that he won the popular vote in 2016. It will never happen. To prove himself wrong, and commit voter suppression, he has established a “commission.” This “commission” is asking states for information about registered voters; information which is private and protected by the fourth amendment. Also, given to an inexperienced and unqualified administration, it could be easily hacked.

Trump wants information protected by the first and fourth amendments. He is asking for the last four numbers of each voters social security registration, party affiliation, military status, and even how they voted in each election.

In reality, Trump is taking another effort to follow the example of Adolf Hitler in 1933; he is attempting to establish an “enemies list.” Add this to his already fascist tactic of insuring that our country is completely controlled by a single party system, his damnation of the legitimate press in an effort to repeal the first amendment, and his efforts to rule our nation under secrecy, and the ‘Third Reich’ will rise again. Partisan only politics is not American, and eliminates democracy.

The founding fathers believed that the most important right of the American people in the Constitution is the right to vote. That vote is meant to be private and personal. No one, including the fuhrer has a right to know for whom our votes are cast.

This effort will discourage thousands of men and women who consider their privacy paramount to being an American to possibly decide that voting would invade that privacy; voter suppression.

If this information had been available a year ago, it would have been much easier for Vladimir Putin to have interfered in our election. Is this a joint effort between Trump and Putin to make it easier in 2018? Is this more collusion between the two men? Either way, it proves that Trump approves of Putin’s tampering in 2016; he wants a reocurrance of that interference in 2020.

If you value your freedom, and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, you must vigorously oppose Trump and his plans to recreate the United States into a fascist nation. His ambitions include insuring that he is our nation’s last president.

If you refuse to raise your right hand and shout “Sieg Heil” when Trump enters a room, join the revolution, and vote Trump’s ‘Nazi’ party out of office.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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