Putin and Trump are Complicit in Re-Creating America as a Fascist Regime


WAKE-UP AMERICA! Look at what is happening to our government. This is Germany in 1933. Secrecy, attacking freedom of speech, and eliminating our two-party system are efforts by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to destroy democracy forever and institute a fascist regime. White Supremacy and a war against minorities and non-Christians has begun in earnest. The one-percent supports Trump and his circle of sinners, and they were selected to put into motion the final pieces of an effort to destroy the United States of America.

Adolf Hitler created a populist movement which was supported by the factions of the mainstream media and the military. His ‘alternative facts,’ combined with the subversion of the press allowed him to control the minds of an entire nation.

Today millions of Americans trust Trump more than the press. This is extremely frightening when it has been proven that Trump has not told the truth in over two years.

Under threat of exposure, Trump and his circle of sinners are increasing their attempts to suppress voting rights, protect facts from being revealed, and support attacks on the legitimate news agencies. He is being supported by FOX Noise, Breitbart, and other right wing extremist organizations whose sole purpose is to repeal the Constitution, and establish a new government which will be controlled by the wealthy. The poverty level will grow to levels which are incomprehensible, and the majority of Americans will become subservient to their government.

This plan originated in 2005 and when our 2016 election was controlled by Putin, the plan became a reality.

The only ‘fake news’ comes from the White House. They are planning the demise of the nation of our founding fathers. With the cooperation of Lyin Paul Ryan, and Mitch, ‘the traitor’ McConnell, a new world order has begun.

We cannot wait until the 2018 elections; it will be too late. The people must take their country back from the destroyers. Time is running out, and if we hesitate, all will be lost forever; Trump will be America’s last democratically elected president.

I hope everyone will look at the situation honestly and refuse to believe the lies coming from the White House. Trump, his family, and his circle of sinners have a plan, and that plan will forever eliminate the dream of our founding fathers.

You can call me a conspiracy theorist, or a crazy old man, but if you wait to discover whether I am right or wrong, it will be too late.

Admittedly few conclusive facts have been disclosed to this day, but the ‘smoke’ is extremely heavy and the reality has become undeniable. Trump is Putin’s puppet; he is an asset for the Russian government.

An honest evaluation of what Trump has attempted since November 8th, 2016 offers more than enough proof that he hates the United States of America. He and his circle of sinners created a plan before his inauguration to alter America and destroy freedom for all Americans, and centralize the control of our nation under one party; one fascist regime.

Simply look at the situation logically. Why would Trump select a cabinet and an advisory staff which is completely unqualified, but demonstrated its own agenda to become his circle of sinners? Millionaires and billionaires who have no experience, no qualifications to serve in government are making decisions which will affect the working class; the majority; for generations to come.

This is the first time in my life that I fully support a conspiracy theory. I was a senior in high school when our beloved President, John Kennedy was assassinated. I really wanted to believe the conspiracy theories which were endless, but I could not find one which convinced me. This is different.

I will be 71 years of age in a week. I have ‘seen it all.’ I am aware that Trump is ‘not the sharpest tool in the shed,’ but he is not making the decisions coming from the White House. He is a tool. This is why his party and his handlers fear his tweets. He is exposed for what he is not, and could reveal the fact that he is not making the ultimate decisions which affect our nation.

I beg all of you to resist the end of my nation. Take any action you deem necessary to save our country. I am afraid, and all of America should feel the same fear for the future of our nation.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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