If There Exists one Man who is more Hated Around the World than Trump, it’s Martin Shkreli


Many of you may not remember Martin Shkreli; and many of you wish you had never heard of him. He is being tried for securities fraud. The trial is in its first week, but would have occurred sooner if the court could have found sufficient jury members to decide his fate. Dozens of prospective jurors knew his past and told the court that they despised him. Others, who were not familiar with him stated that his ‘cocky’ and dismissive appearance forced them to decide his guilt prior to the trial.

What most remember is his lack of humanity; his complete disregard for men and women fighting for their lives, and a single drug which provides hope for those suffering from HIV. As the 34-year-old chief executive of a pharmaceutical company, he raised the price of ‘Daraprim’ 5,000 percent. A pill which originally cost $13.50 each, now cost $750.00 for a single pill.

When he was forced to testify before congress, cameras recorded smirks, and smiles offering proof of his arrogance and disdain for simply ‘doing the right thing.’

The prosecution claims that Shkreli misrepresented himself for five years, and bilked investors of tens of thousands of dollars.

I would be lying to you, and I promised never to offer you less than the truth; my personal choice would be for him to be found guilty. There are few people in our nation who I consider ‘less than human,’ and he is one of them. He has frequently proclaimed that he is under attack because he is a ‘capitalist.’ If this is not proof that capitalism has failed the working class, there is no other situation which can be considered comparable.

There is a line in a movie that states: “America is not a country; it’s a business.” One of our political parties has proven that ‘profit before people’ is their guideline. Special interests, through their lobbyists, control the votes in congress. These capitalists have no interest in the future of most Americans. They are all Martin Shkrelis.

Now take time to research what Trump is actually attempting in Washington. If you are honest, you will never accept him as our nation’s president.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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