25 Years of Historical Fact, and Two ‘Presidents,’ Offer Definitive Proof why the Electoral College must be Eliminated


Our election process must change; the Electoral College must go away if our elections are ever going to be fair; if our presidents will always be the man or woman elected by the people. If it hadn’t existed in 2016, our nation would not be having its greatest nightmare today.

Here are a few historical facts about our presidential elections, and how the Electoral College influenced our nation’s history.

William Jefferson Clinton was elected in 1992; the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Mr. Clinton served two full terms, and in 2000 his Vice-President, Al Gore, won the Democratic nomination. His opponent was Texas Governor, George W. Bush; the son of our 41st president. The election was the closest in modern history. As a recount began in Florida, whose Electoral votes would decided the outcome, the right wing biased Supreme Court of the United States halted the recount and gave the state to Bush.

However, Al Gore was the people’s choice; he won the popular vote.

As we all know, Trump was given the presidency by the Electoral College, although the people selected Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes. Trump has constantly claimed that ‘election fraud’ gave her the popular vote. His assertion has been denounced by every regulatory voting group in the United States.

So, let’s examine the facts. If the popular vote had decided every election since 1992, a Democrat would have lived in the White House for the last 25 years.

Al Gore would have been the president in 2001, and he would not have gone on vacation when he was told an attack on our nation was imminent. Iraq would not have been invaded and cost our nation hundreds of billions of dollars. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis would not have died and thousands of lives lost by our military would not have saddened our nation. Mr. Gore would have regulated the banking industry, and the great recession of 2008 would not have occurred or at least not have been as severe.

If the popular vote chose the president, Hillary Clinton would be our first woman president. Our nation would have remained divided thanks to an unusually angry campaign waged by Trump. However, white supremacists and other bigots would have remained in the holes. Our standing in the world would have remained strong. Russia would not be allowed to interfere in our elections again. Our relationships with China, and western Europe would have remained intact. The destructive efforts of Donald Trump to undo the advances for the working class over the last 60+ years would never have happened. Obamacare would be retained, but in the process of undergoing necessary revisions to improve our nation’s healthcare system.

Hillary would not spend her time in the White House watching television. She would not have spent millions of dollars golfing instead of sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. Most importantly, she would have chosen a cabinet and her chief advisers based on their qualifications and abilities. It would not have been composed of nearly all old, white men. It would have been very diverse, younger, and concerned with moving our nation forward not backwards. There would be no ‘Muslim ban,’ and there would be no more tax breaks for the one-percent. She would be working today to end poverty. Trump is sitting back and watching the poverty level grow.

With Democrats in office for the last 25 years, President Obama would have been able to implement many of his plans which would have grown the economy, and insured that the working class was on a level playing field with the very rich. He would not have been forced to spend much of his time and effort attempting to save our nation from a depression.

I can only dream about what might have been had our 43rd and 45th presidents not have been the worst in American history.

I would be celebrating this July 4th with much more joy in my heart.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of m01229

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