Republicans Have Never Governed Prior to Trump and Therefore Are Destined to Fail

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When Mitch McConnell promised the American people in January of 2009 that his party would do nothing as long as Barrack Obama was in office, he meant it. For eight years GOP politicians failed to pass a single piece of beneficial or critical legislation. They never ‘governed’ and now they, like their party’s leader, are attempting to accomplish something while undergoing ‘on-the-job training.’ They are quickly learning that government doesn’t work that way in the free world. It’s simply a case of ‘too little; too late.’

There is no substitute for experience in government. For the last 20 years Republican’s experience in Washington has been to destroy, not create; this is what they know. In the last eight years, the GOP’s only experience was to say ‘no,’ and do nothing. It is not possible to reverse this experience and become effective legislators.

Great leaders do not ‘bully’ their followers; they offer actions which inspire others to accomplish great things. This is the problem with Republicans; their leadership is non-existent. Their party is fractured and there is no cure.

Mitch McConnell has failed the American people for more than 30 years. At 75 years of age he is not only out of touch with his constituents; he has no interest in serving them; he serves his party. McConnell has never been a leader. His idea of how to control his supporters is to bully them and order them to do nothing but resist. He cannot change his ‘style’ and be a positive force in Washington.

Possibly a much bigger disappointment for the American people is Paul Ryan. Lyin Ryan created a facade, making him appear competent and intelligent. After Trump was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College, we learned who and what Lyin Ryan really was. He is a hypocrite and far less intelligent than any of us believed. His party is his priority; the American people are of no concern. During the hurried effort to pass Trumpcare in the House, he demonstrated his inability to lead. He spent his time placating special interest groups within his own party and failed to ‘do the right thing’ for the American people.

Trump is hailed as his party’s leader. But if it’s true that the best leaders lead by example, he is leading his party and our nation into oblivion. Like McConnell, he knows only one form of diplomacy; bullying. This does not work in government, and without a minute’s experience in government prior to his Electoral College win, he is ‘playing it by ear.’ Sadly he continues to believe that he can control his adversaries, the American people, with “alternative facts.” It was both laughable and extremely sad when the New York Times posted a full page ad listing most of the lies Trump told since his election. In five very long months, he has proven that his is a loser, and will continue to be so for all four, disastrous years.

This is your GOP today. It has failed the American people for more than 20 years, and will continue to do so.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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