If Bible Study is Allowed, Reading the Quran in Public Schools must also be Accepted


There is a bill in the Kentucky state legislature that is stirring enormous controversy. House Bill 128 allows public schools to offer an elective social studies course on the Bible that teaches Biblical content, characters, poetry and narratives and their impact on today’s world,” according to a press release. Governor Matt Bevin says that he will sign the law.

This is the establishment of a single religion in a taxpayer supported entity, and a direct violation of the first amendment. If this is passed, children who choose to practice the religion of Islam must be allowed to read and study the Quran. This is the freedom of religion guaranteed by the first amendment.

This attempt by the Christian religious right to institute their beliefs as the only religion in the United States is criminal, and unconstitutional. All religions are cults, and I refuse to allow a cult leader to dictate how I must live my life.

Although I am a staunch supporter of any American who chooses to be a member of any religion, I am one of more than 65 million Americans who reject organized religion. I believe in a life based on spirituality, but not one designed by religious doctrine.

A final question? Why are all the crazy and anti-American events and situations arising from ‘red states?’ Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, and others are far too strange and prejudiced for me to consider visiting. I cannot exclude Florida. Although it is considered a ‘swing state,’ It has an extremist as its governor, and actions by state government can often be labeled as insane.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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