How Many Hate Crimes Have Occurred Since June 2015?

hate crime

The ‘Trump Effect’ began long before he was gifted the election by the Electoral College. In June of 2015, Donald Trump Declared his candidacy. As he began holding his rallies, it was now obvious to everyone that this ‘businessman’ was a racist and a bigot. He used anger to excite his crowds and encouraged violence. What had been hiding in the shadows began to come into the light of day; and it wasn’t pretty.

The reason why America will never be a great country began with increased verbal and physical attacks on innocent men, women, children, and on the places where they worship. Hate groups now had a leader who could be the President of the United States.

When his opponent, Hillary Clinton stated that many of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables,” the hypocritical media supported Trump and criticized her, simply for telling the truth. They accepted Trump’s hate speech, and his supporter’s violent actions at his rallies, but telling the truth was going too far.

The Southern Poverty Law Center attempts to keep track of hate crimes in the United States; law enforcement does not keep accurate statistics. Here’s what we do know.

The exact number of crimes, verbal, physical, or destruction of property, are impossible to ascertain. The FBI states that approximately 54 percent go unreported for fear of reprisal.

We do know that hate crimes have increased dramatically since Trump was nominated and elected. Some believe they may have reached an increase of as much as 800 percent.

Attacks against African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and women have not been reported by the television media accurately. Destruction or serious damage to Black Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues have been mostly ignored. The incidences of verbal harassment number in the thousands each year. This is the prime cause of the ‘Trump Effect.’

Trump has surrounded himself with white supremacists, Islamophobes, homophobes, and misogynists. Although everyone in the mainstream media is afraid to declare the fact, Trump’s association and these men and women, and the entities from which he receives his “facts” offer proof that he, too, is a white supremacist. He watches hours of television each day; primarily FOX Noise, and ‘InfoWars’ podcasts by Alex Jones. His favorite reading material is ‘Breitbart.’

Once a nation filled with tolerance, understanding, and compassion, the growing number of hate groups is causing fear, anger, hatred, and violence to become the norm.

Some of this damage caused by Trump and his circle of sinners is irreparable. The very soul of our nation has been darkened.

There is little time to take our nation back from the fascists who would destroy democracy forever. Become an activist and remove all of Trumps despicable and deplorable cronies from power. To complete that mission we must use our vote and choose wisely; not by party or television ads.

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Op-ed by James Turnage



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