Warren Buffett is no Donald Trump: Thank You God


Anyone who does not know that 86-year-old Warren Buffett is the second richest man in the world; worth an estimated 75.6 billion dollars; must have been in a coma for the last 30 years. Along with the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, Mr. Buffett has promised to give away his fortune to charity.

Fortunately for the world, Mr. Buffet, and Mr. Gates are not Donald Trump. While they see the need around the world for assistance from those who can easily afford it, Trump’s goal is to make more and more money and spend it on himself and his spawn. It has been reported that Trump steals from his own charity. Every proposal from Trump would offer him and his cronies tens of millions of dollars in tax credits.

Mr. Buffett also has a far different view of our nation and what should be done to repair the economy, and provide healthcare for all Americans. The biggest difference between the two men is that Mr. Buffett’s suggestions make sense and would actually work.

Buffett believes that the wealthy should pay more taxes.

The economy is doing well, but all Americans aren’t doing well,” Buffett said in an interview with PBS NewsHour, which aired on Monday. This has been a prosperity that’s been disproportionately rewarding to the people on top.”

Wen asked about his own company’s large tax deferments, he explained Berkshire Hathaway’s duty to its investors.

We follow the law, and we got a million shareholders. And I think they probably expect us to do that. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the law shouldn’t be changed in some way.”

Mr. Buffett also commented on healthcare. He understands that it is mandatory that America join the rest of the developed world and insure that all Americans have adequate healthcare.

There’s an awful lot of people involved in the medical [field], just the way the ecosystem works, that there is no incentive to bring down costs,” Buffett said.

He was then asked about Bernie Sanders proposal that America should adopt a ‘single payer’ system.

With my limited knowledge, I think that probably is the best system,” Buffett said. We are such a rich country. In a sense, we can afford to do it.”

What Mr. Buffett proposes on both issue is nothing but a simple and logical suggestion; our government must ‘do the right thing’ for all of the American people.

Trumpcare is a disaster and is waiting to murder thousands of Americans each year. Trump is a greedy, old, white man who believes that he is entitled to increase his personal fortune by walking on the backs of the working class.

We don’t need a ‘Trump;’ we need more men like Mr. Buffet and Mr. Gates. Why don’t we end our national nightmare immediately?

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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