Trump on Cover of Time Magazine? More Proof of Mental Instability


The discovery of a Time magazine with Trump’s orange face on the cover, was found on the walls of at least five of his golf resorts. That’s amazing, but there is a problem. Time did not publish a magazine on March 1, 2009. A March 2nd issue was published but the person on the cover was deserving; actress Kate Winslet. The fake cover’s headlines read: “‘The Apprentice’ is a television smash!’ and “Trump Is Hitting On All Fronts … Even TV!”

Is this the ‘fake news’ Trump keeps referring to? Is he using a legitimate news publication to praise himself? Is this simply more proof that he is mentally and emotionally unstable? Is it all three?

Time magazine has requested that his fake cover be removed from Mar-a-Lago and all of his millionaires only establishments. I’m sure that Trump will be tweeting a fallacious response shortly.

Shocking that such a dedicated and hardworking man whose morals and veracity are beyond reproach would allow such a thing. This self-proclaimed ‘great man,’ and ‘great leader’ has told us that he is very smart, knows more than anyone else about everything, and only he can fix everything. We are obliged to believe him.

The facts must be re-written to soothe Donny Boy’s enormous ego.

I am sure that I am only one of tens-of-millions of Americans who have had enough of this buffoon and the farce that is his illegitimate presidency. He is the least presidential man in America’s history, and it is embarrassing for me to see him stand before the presidential seal every time he speaks. Trump is not my president, and never will be.

Trump enjoys the title of ’45th President of the United States.’ Sadly for my beloved country, all 44 before him deserved at least some respect.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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