Trump is not only the Most Mistrusted Man in America, the World Agrees

Trump (3)

A recent Pew study surveyed 37 countries, asking which leaders they trusted around the world. Trump was rated at the bottom of the poll, behind Trump’s handler, Vladimir Putin.

A brief comparison reveals that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel received a confidence vote of 42 percent; a no confidence vote of 31 percent; the undecideds were 18 percent. Chinese President Xi Jin-ping’s confidence rating was 28 percent; 53 no-confidence; 20 percent undecided. Vladimir Putin’s ratings were 27 pro, 59 against, and 11 with no opinion. Trailing was Donald Trump with 22 percent who believed him trustworthy, 74 percent untrustworthy, and only 8 percent undecided.

In each of our allied nations, 9 out of 10 labeled Trump as ‘arrogant,’ and 7 out of 10 believe that he is a danger to world peace.

Although Trump has been America’s illegitimate president for only five months, the world views him as less respectable and competent than Bush 43’s estimation during eight years in office.

No American president has caused the level of damage Trump has caused in such a short period of time. He is America’s ‘anti-Christ.’ His lack of intellect and growing mental incompetency have resulted in the destruction of many advances in the last 60+ years for the majority of the American people. The hypocrisy of the entire Republican Party in supporting his vile and anti-American agenda is adding to the unstoppable end of the American dream of our founding fathers.

If GOP politicians refuse to stand up for our nation and our people, America will not survive a Trump presidency. He is not only the worst president in history, he is the most ignorant and dangerous man to ever defile the White House.

Trump supporters have signaled their belief that my America must be destroyed, and a new Third Reich must take its place. White supremacists and bigots representing many hate groups are winning, and true patriots will be slaughtered and discarded in their wake.

If you believe that I am exaggerating, you will soon learn how wrong you are and how sorry I am that I am right.

All of you know what you must do, but do you have the courage? I am no longer sure. I once loved my country, which means I distrusted my government, but loved the people. Now, after millions of ignorant and uncaring Americans supported Trump and his party, I am very doubtful and fear for the future of a once respected nation.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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