Corruption and Collusion by EPA Director Scott Pruitt?


Who is Scott Pruitt? He is Trump’s Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, first established by Richard Nixon in 1970. Here’s the important question; why was Pruitt Trump’s choice to head the agency which protects our air, water, and soil? The answer is ‘to destroy it, or to greatly reduce its power.’

Trump supports himself and the other 584 billionaires in America. His motto is “profit before people.”

Pruitt was formerly the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Big oil literally had him ‘in their pockets.’ He not only allowed unrestricted drilling, he sued the EPA several times for attempting to protect the state of Oklahoma and its people. During the last few years, unlimited fracking has created thousands of earthquakes in the state. Before fracking wells popped up all over the horizon, seismic activity was a rarity.

So what has Pruitt accomplished as Director of the EPA? Here’s one example of who he supports now that he has the power of Donald Trump’s illegitimate government supporting him.

In March Pruitt met with the CEO of Dow Chemical, Andrew Liveris. Dow and Monsanto are best known for their production of “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War, which later caused illness and death among the military who came in contact with the chemical. They are also the largest manufacturers of seeds manufactured with GMO’s. Although in America the FDA approves GMO foods, 60 nations around the world have either banned their use or at the very least required labels informing consumers that the food there are purchasing is manufactured with the use of GMO’s, and could be dangerous to their health. Our government, led by Republican politicians, do not believe that we have ‘the right to know what’s in the food we purchase.’

Prior to Pruitt’s meeting with Liveris, the EPA planned to ban the pesticide ‘chlorpyrifos.’ The EPA’s own scientists concluded that “even minuscule amounts” of chlorpyrifos, when ingested, could interfere with fetal and infant brain development, the AP reported.

Just twenty days after the meeting, Pruitt placed a halt to the scheduled ban on chlorpyfrifos.

This is corruption and collusion at the highest level.

California recently added Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ to a “list of chemicals that California believes are linked to cancer.”

Roundup contains ‘glyphosate.’ Although advocay groups claim that glyphosate is a carcinogen, the EPA removed the ban. California’s law does not prohibit the sale of Roundup or other products containing alleged carcinogens, but it does require a warning label.

My question is; will Pruitt continue the pattern he began in Oklahoma and sue the State of California for ignoring his agency’s approval of glyphosate?

In five months, Trump has proven that his is the most corrupt administration in history, and he is the worst president to ever defile the White House.

My fellow Americans, I do not believe that our nation can survive four years of Trump and his circle of sinners. I suggest we force him and his Republican cronies to take ‘early retirement.’ Our votes can end our national nightmare.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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