Trump Lawyer: Another Criminal and Another Christian Hypocrite?


Jay Sekulow is Trump’s latest addition to his legal staff. Prior to his agreement to work for the most immoral man in America, Sekulow claimed to be a ‘good Christian.’ He pushed every one to donate to his ‘foundation,’ including unemployed and impoverished Americans. A team of telemarketers encouraged ‘Christians’ to donate to “Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism,” (CASE), regardless of their personal financial situation.

The ‘Guardian’ is reporting that at least $60 million of the foundation’s donations found its way back to Sekulow and his family. The non-profit agency also offered property ‘deals’ and ‘loans’ to him and other family members. (It appears that he learned how to steal from a charitable foundation from his new boss).

Sekulow most definitely belongs in Trump’s circle of sinners.

Sekulow has also worked for the Christian religious right, protecting their ‘interests.’ Which forces me to ask a question.

Now that the Christian religious right has become a lobby, why aren’t they paying taxes? Or do they follow Trump’s example and find deductions legal or otherwise which allow them to pay nothing? Although he is a member of the one-percent, and one of America’s 585 billionaires, Trump has not paid a dollar in taxes for years. (And where are his tax returns?)

These questions will never be answered because in America, if you are wealthy and powerful, you are above the law, and can grab the crotch of any woman you choose.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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