Is Sean Spicer Aware that Fascism Can only Exist in Secrecy and with the Use of “Alternative Facts?”


10 of 15 White House daily press briefings during June have been ‘off camera.’ In other words, television cameras were not allowed to record the events. When press secretary Sean Spicer was asked ‘why’ on Monday, he was simply silent for 62 seconds of embarrassment. When he did speak, he said: “We’ll see,” he said. “We’ll continue to mix things up.” “Some days we will have them,” he said of cameras. “Some days we won’t.”

Now for the truth. Trump would prefer to cancel all daily briefings. His is the most secretive; most partisan administration in modern history. His efforts to create a fascist government are transparent. He chooses to operate in an autocratic and secretive manner.

Spicer attempted to tell another lie; he stated that ‘off camera briefings are more substantive.’

“It’s great for us to come out here and have a substantive discussion about policies,” Spicer said last Friday during yet another off-camera briefing. “I don’t think that the be-all and end-all is whether it’s on.

According the members of the media who were present, Spicer’s answers continued to be just as evasive and fallacious as when he is on camera.

The Trump administration cannot exist without lies and attempts to misdirect the press and the American people. As my grandfather used to say: “He lies faster than a horse can trot.”

Finally, I wish that the cowards and overpaid personalities at ABC, NBC, and CBS would stand up for the American people and tell the truth. This administration is the worst thing to happen to America in its nearly 241 years of existence. Trump is destroying everything which was good about America and offered us a chance to become great.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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