So If It’s True, What Is Ivanka Trump Good For?

Ivanka (2)

“You know, I try to stay out of politics.” This is what Ivanka Trump said on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning. I was led to believe that Trump’s spawn is an ‘unpaid senior adviser.’ If she doesn’t advise him, what is she good for? Of course we all know the answer; “absolutely nothing.”

Ivanka is obviously lying. The president is the most political figure in the world. Trump is the most talked about man in the world, and none of the discussions involve anything with the exception of his deplorable political beliefs and actions.

That leaves one possibility. Ivanka is there to control his weak temperament. Or maybe she’s just there to spend taxpayer money on expensive vacations. Either way, she is worthless, and serves no purpose in government.

Ivanka is becoming more like her father every day. She is now involved in a lawsuit, which over time has become a family tradition. Just as she did on “Fox and Friends,” she told a blatant lie, but the judge is not ‘going for it.’

She and her company are being sued by an Italian shoe manufacturer. The shoe created by her company is identical to the one sold by her accuser. Her lawyers claimed that she should not be forced to testify because she took no party in the design of the footwear. The judge pointed to the fact that Ivanka has been recorded as claiming that ‘she takes a hands on approach to the design of every shoe her company manufactures.’

Trump, his spawn, and his circle of sinners are all prevaricators; they’re just not very good at it.

America; this is your ‘first family;’ liars, cheats, spoiled, untalented, and irresponsible. Congratulations; you got what you voted for.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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