I am Tired of Writing about Something which should Never Happen


Sunday evening a 10-year-old child was on a playground in Kansas City, Missouri. Nothing was unusual about this first full weekend of summer. The evening was warm as the sun began to lower in the western sky.

Suddenly the sound of gunfire interrupted the summer’s eve, and the 10-year-old fell to the ground. The shooter was a seven-year-old child.

This morning the child is in critical condition after undergoing surgery Sunday night.

How did a seven-year-old get access to a loaded gun?

“If this doesn’t help you understand the importance of placing your gun either in a safe, or placing a gun lock on your gun, then we don’t know what will do it,” Sgt. Kari Thompson said. “We have had several instances of children in the past couple of years that have been shot by other juveniles just playing with guns. Guns that were not maintained. Guns that parents and/or guardians just left out without supervision.”

Before 1976, the NRA was more than just a gun lobby for gun manufacturers and gun sellers; it was America’s number one gun safety organization. It’s advice to men and women who chose to keep weapons in their homes was simple and 100 percent effective. The weapon should be unloaded at all times, and stored in a separate locked location from the ammunition.

The adults in the home of the seven-year-old should be charged with criminal neglect, child endangerment, and manslaughter if the 10-year-old loses his fight for life.

Each year 1,300 children die from gunshot in the United States. This is the third leading cause of child mortality in America; and it’s unforgivable and preventable.

The United States is not a great nation. It is bigoted and the growing number of families living in poverty is unforgivable when a population of only 320 million people includes 585 billionaires. In second place around the world is China with an estimated 266.

Other nations view America as the most angry and violent nation country in the developed world. Our nation is divided thanks to politicians who encourage anger and hatred. America is gun crazy primarily because the NRA promotes fear as a tactic to influence our nation’s people to purchase weapons of mass destruction.

Instead of growing as a nation, ignorance is replacing intellect. America is behind every nation in the free world in relation to social justice and acceptance of individual rights.

Our most recent election has proven that at least half of our country’s people are willing to live their lives guided by fear, anger, and hatred; all of which are offered by “alternative facts.”

What kind of country will you choose? Will you bow to Trump and his hypocritical party? Are you willing to accept a fascist rule from an ignorant and immoral man who has been allowed to defile the White House?

It’s your country; your choice; and your vote.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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