A Day in the Life of Donny Boy and the Keystone Cops

Trump (3)

In order to describe what it is like to be in the West Wing on a daily basis, you must know about the many weaknesses and difficulties of the man in charge, (?), Donald J. Trump.

Five weeks ago Donny boy had a different routine. To satisfy his own ego he would wake up early and send multiple tweets about what was on his little mind. This strange and un-presidential habit became fodder for the late night talk shows. Today his day begins differently. His advisers have convinced him to give his tiny thumbs a break; at least early in the day.

Inside sources claim that when Trump is watching cable television and a story about his Russian connections comes on, he often screams at the television. To allow him an opportunity to vent at the start of his day, he now makes several select phone calls to discuss the situation.

We assume he then complains to Jared Kushner about other members of his staff. He blames White House attorney Don McGhan for the investigation accusing him of possible obstruction of justice, although actions by Donny boy himself forced the subject to surface. He made the poor choice of taking James Comey aside and asking him to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn. It was Trump who tweeted his many counter accusations and opened up additional questions about his veracity.

One of the worst traits Trump possesses prevents him from governing effectively. He believes that everything should happen ‘immediately.’ His woeful lack of experience keeps him from understanding that good government is a process; it’s not a track meet. He has been heard complaining about his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He has been sent candidates to fill key positions in the State Department, and vets them himself. Trump expects all of his recommendations to be accepted without question.

Trump spends hours each day watching cable television. It frightens me to think about who is running the asylum. Not a single White House staffer is qualified to run a lemonade stand, nevertheless the country. When Trump sees a story on FOX Noise, ‘InfoWars,’ or reads something on Breitbart, he begins tweeting his responses, often in anger.

When he does meet with one of the world’s leaders, or has a duty to perform, the bulk of his speech is filled with braggadocio.

White House sources claim that they ‘walk on eggshells’ around their boss; he can throw temper tantrums at any moment.

Trump’s mood has been described as ‘somber,’ but that is likely an understatement.

I have joined with many others who truly believe that Trump has a serious mental condition. He believes that everyone is ‘out to get him.’ His mood swings are very upsetting. His need for constant praise is abnormal. Days ago he called a ‘cabinet meeting’ for the sole purpose of having every member speak glowingly about him and his accomplishments. Last Wednesday he held a “rally” in Iowa. It’s true purpose was to distract himself from the Russia investigations which are escalating. The President of the United States is the most scrutinized man on earth, and Trump cannot handle even the most minor criticism. He actually believes that no one else can do anything as well as he does.

Trump must consent to a complete psychiatric examination. He is a danger to 320 million Americans. If he is mentally incompetent, clinically, article 25 of the Constitution must be enforced and he must be locked up for his own protection.

Trump’s reputation in Washington after only five months, (I know it seems much longer), is the reason for multiple resignations and the refusal of dozens of selected men to work in the White House. He is unpredictable and therefore unstable. It is common for one of his advisers to tell the press one thing, only to have it refuted by their boss. Trump does not trust his own aides.

Then there’s the total environment of jealousy, mistrust, and general personal dislike in the White House. The stories regarding Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner are no longer rumors. Then there is Kellyanne Conway who was heard trashing several of her fellow advisers at a cocktail party.

Would you choose to work for Trump? Could you perform the job for which you were chosen in an atmosphere of anger, incompetence, and even hatred?

A business, a home, and a political party reflect their leaders. Our nation is led by a dark and dismal man who sees a future for our nation which is based on his own failings.

The White House is crumbling from the inside.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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