Republican Party Continues to Implode, but not because of Principles


Republicans must accept the fact that Trump is the result of their own failures. The worst president in American history apparently receives the support of all Republicans, and if just one of them has the courage to criticize him, they are immediately attacked by the entire party. This is hypocrisy at its lowest level. During the campaign most GOP politicians denounced Trump and literally supported “anybody but Trump.”

The truth is that the Republican Party is unable to govern America. Three distinct factions in the GOP continue to prove that the party that shattered our government is itself dysfunctional

The primary problem with this group which calls itself ‘Republican’ today is that they have no principles. They are opportunists whose only concerns are themselves. If you doubt my assertion, look at a single issue currently facing a vote in the senate.

The highest percentage in any poll addressing Trumpcare offers an approval rating of just 17 percent. However, to satisfy their owners, the one-percent, Republicans are scrambling to justify passage of traitor Mitch McConnell’s deplorable bill. Republicans refuse to represent the American people.

Lyin Paul Ryan and others in the failing GOP are desperately attempting to disguise the fact that there is no unity within their party. But that does not stop them from becoming hypocrites when their immoral leader is revealed for his un-American policies and proposals.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska traveled to Iowa in 2016 before the state’s caucus. He opposed Trump and spoke of that opposition to Iowa’s voters.

On Wednesday, Iowa’s State Republican Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann, strangely began to attack Sasse prior to Trump’s appearance at his strange rally in Cedar Rapids.

“We had Sen. Ben Sasse from Nebraska, he crosses the Missouri River, and in that sanctimonious tone talks about what he doesn’t like about Donald Trump,” Kaufmann said.

The truth is that any member of the GOP who speaks in a manner which is representative of past Republicans and refuses to pretend that there is not a severe schism within the party is shunned by the majority.

“You know what, Sen. Sasse? I really don’t care what you like. We love Donald Trump. And if you don’t love him, I suggest you stay on your side of the Missouri River.”

If you are a Republican and are now reading this, I suggest that you ‘Google’ Ben Sasse and read his position on the issues. If you are disgusted with your party’s continued attacks, and refusal to discuss the importance of issues to the people of our nation, you will find a man who supports the real Republican Party which was once a viable and successful deliberative body.

If you are tired of hypocrites who support the evil that is Donald Trump, and believe that the presidency should be held by a man who is respected and has sufficient intellect to make sound decisions for all Americans, challenge your representatives in Washington. Demand that they represent you and deny the one-percent. They may ‘pay’ your congressmen and senators, but you elected them.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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