Trump’s Immigration Violation Could Force the Deportation of Melania


The Supreme Court ruled today on a case which occurred in 2013. Divan Maslenjak had her naturalized citizenship revoked. She had lied on her application. SCOTUS ruled unanimously today that Maslenjak’s omissions did not pertain to her ability to become a United States Citizen.

However, if an applicant was living in the United States illegally, would that be a reason to remove their citizenship and deport them?

If that is probable cause, then Melania must be deported. This is according to SCOTUS and her own husband’s standards.

Trump has broken many laws acquiring his wealth, from bribery to just plain fraud. He also operated a ‘modeling agency’ in New York. Young women were brought to America from all over the world, were forced to live in ‘unpleasant’ conditions, and given modeling jobs in various companies.

Here’s the problem; Trump brought the young women to America on ‘visitor’s visas;’ he never obtained ‘work visas’ for them. Therefore Melania was living in the United States illegally because Trump broke an immigration law.

What’s fair for one must be fair for all. Trump has forced the deportation of many good, law-abiding men and women whose only crime was coming to America.

If Melania is deported, can we send Trump with her?

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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