The Republican Party no Longer Exists: Americans have Democrats, and the American Fascist Party


The destruction of American democracy can be demonstrated by a single issue; Trumpcare. The House version received an approval rating of only 17 percent by the American people. The word is that the senate bill is far worse. How long will the American people accept a party which calls itself “Republican,” when in fact under their new leader it is now the “American Fascist Party?”

There was a time when all of those in Washington who were elected by the American people represented all of the American people. That was when we had a real Republican Party. Trumpcare has been denounced by the American people and Trump, Lyin Ryan, and traitor McConnell simply don’t ‘give a damn.’

We are at war with our government. Whether the solution comes from the ballot box or it becomes bloody is not important. The fact is that we are the nation and if our government refuses to serve us, they must be removed in any manner available to all of our 320 million patriotic Americans. 535 men and women and one illegitimate president cannot be allowed to rule over us.

There exists a very frightening comparison between 1933 Germany and today’s Republican Party. Adolf Hitler managed to consolidate power over his nation’s people by the control of his parliament. He and his Nazi Party ignored the people and demanded a loyalty to nationalism and his administration. The people became subservient to their country’s leaders and acquiesced to their demands to accept ‘alternative facts.’

Trump cannot be described as an ‘American.’ Trump is a capitalist and an opportunist. He has no concern for the nation he leads, and less for its people. More importantly, his hypocritical party has capitulated to his every demand.

As for Trumpcare, the facts are undeniable.

Lyin Paul Ryan has been quoted as saying that in college he had a dream of destroying Medicare and Medicaid. The passing of Trumpcare is not an effort to “repeal and replace Obamacare.” It is an effort to deny Americans any form of real healthcare and destroy the legacy of President Obama. Republicans do not want you to have the same provisions which would guarantee your right to receive medical attention in necessity; the same situation that you and I pay for them to receive. This is fascism; the people serve the government and accept their alternative facts as truth.

In five short months the respect and faith we had in our government has been destroyed. Trump is the antitheses of President Obama. The people are of no interest to Trump and his party. Regardless of the polls, Trump, Lyin Ryan, traitor McConnell and others serve their owners and disregard the majority. This is fascism in its purist form.

The once “Grand Old Party” is non-existent. Without principles or morals, this group of con-men and women cannot claim the label of ‘Republican.’

The sole difference between Nazi Germany and America is that we can defeat the fascists in November of 2018. We can take our country back with our vote.

Trump is the “anti-Christ.” He harbors the evil which will destroy the United States of America. Every proposal, every executive action he has taken is opposed to the needs and rights of the American people.

It’s your responsibility to protect your family and friends from the tyranny of Trumpism. You can choose to support a demonic and immoral man and his party or decide that your family and friends are more important than a failed and hypocritical party.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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