Ford Reveals Another Trump Failure: “Hey Trump Supporters; Are You Tired of Winning Yet?”


Do you remember when Trump bragged that he alone was responsible for Ford Motor Company’s decision not to move their small car production to Mexico? Well they kept that promise; they’re moving it to China instead.

Beginning in 2019, most of Ford’s ‘Focus’ models will be imported from China. They claim that they will save at least a billion dollars.

An estimated 300 jobs will be lost in Michigan, but Ford’s executives are not concerned.

Consumers care a lot more about the quality and the value than they do about the sourcing location,” Ford’s president of global operations Joe Hinrichs said.

If you are a fan of your illegitimate president, I dare you to offer a single accomplishment Trump has completed in five months. You can’t say “Neil Gorsuch;” he was a gift from traitorous Mitch McConnell who refused a hearing for Merrick Garland. Obamacare has yet to be repealed. There are no plans to build his wall. His attempt to ban Muslims entry to the United States has been halted by three federal judges.

Trump said: “You’re going to be winning so much that you’ll be saying ‘please stop.” Are you tired of winning yet?

Of course Trump also said that he would be so busy making ‘deals’ that he wouldn’t have time to golf. Most of his time as your illegitimate president is spent golfing or watching cable television.

Ford’s situation is just another failed ‘deal’ by Donald J. Trump.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of FotoSleuth

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