The Failed 150 Days of the Trump Illegitimate Presidency

Trump (5)

In nearly 241 years of American history no leader of our nation has failed as horribly as Donald Trump. Not a single positive accomplishment has been made by his administration. Replacing a claim of growth and successful future for our nation, Trump predicted a nation of gloom and doom. He may be correct. His proposals have demonstrated the destruction of the working class, and an increase in the number of Americans living in poverty.

But let’s not place the blame solely on an ignorant and unfit businessman. Trump could not have failed so badly without assistance. If we examine a singular issue, not only will we understand why the Trump administration is a failure, we will know who is complicit in that effort to destroy democracy in America.

It doesn’t require a ‘genius IQ’ to know that Trumpcare is not healthcare, it would be a death sentence. You’ve probably heard or read the statistics. As many as 24 million Americans would be deprived of healthcare. Of the 131 million Americans who have preexisting conditions, millions would either be refused care, or find themselves unable to afford insurance under Trump’s vile plan. Older Americans would see their premiums rise by as much as 500 percent. Low income and impoverished women would lose their abilities to have low-cost or free breast screenings, pap smears, and other services formerly provided by Planned Parenthood. Medicaid recipients would find their benefits greatly diminished. But there is some good news; Trump and the other members of the one-percent would receive billions of dollars in tax cuts.

Regardless of the facts, Lyin Paul Ryan rushed the bill through the House in just weeks; it passed by a single vote from hypocritical Republicans, although the American public denounced it in support of Obamacare.

Trumpcare is now in the Senate. America’s biggest traitor, Mitch McConnell, promised his fuhrer that he would pass a Senate version of Trumpcare before the July 4th recess. His tactics are now historical, and not in a good way. Thirteen Republican Senators have been writing a bill behind locked doors. Not a single Democrat has been included in the deliberation, and the only Republicans who know what is being proposed are the 13 who have hidden themselves from the world.

When Senator Bernie Sanders asked McConnell if the entire Senate would have a minimum of 10 hours to review the legislation before scheduling a vote, he refused to answer. McConnell is waging an escalating war on democracy and the American people. He must be removed from office in any manner available.

Yes, Trump is a ‘loser,’ but all Republicans deny the rights and needs of nearly 320 million Americans. If you are not a member of the one-percent, you do not have representation from a single Republican legislator.

Don’t deny it; we are under siege. Republicans control Washington and they have declared a war on the working class. Don’t be a coward; fight back. It’s your country not theirs. Republicans have no right to support special interests over you and your family. We have the numbers and we can win.

Please re-post; thank you. Your vote does count.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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