Evicting Families from Their Homes: The “Trump Effect”


History will prove that the worst thing to ever happen in America was the illegitimate election of Donald J. Trump. “Trumpenstein” has changed or nation in five months; some of it may never be undone; and none of the changes are good for the American people.

With his weak temperament, we may not have a history; Trump has the nuclear codes. Regardless, democracy will have been replaced by the most evil men and women in America. White Supremacy and bigotry for any man or woman who is not white and Christian will be the new, ugly face of America.

The “Trump Effect” is the cause for the growing number of hate crimes in America, and the displays of open prejudice.

Jaideep Reddy owns an apartment building in Queens. He owns manages a 23 unit apartment building; most of the occupants are Hispanic. In a letter to each apartment, he demanded that every resident come to the manager’s office and have in their possession a photo ID, Social Security card, proof of your status in US (Green card or Passport)” and proof of employment, the New York Daily News reported.

He added: P.S If you fail to comply, your lease will not be renewed, we may have to terminate your lease and may have to evict you from the apartment,” read the notice from New Management.”

Reddy later apologized and offered the explanation that there had been a fire, and the electrician assigned to repair the damage was unable to access some of the units. He also stated that there were an average of 12 residents in each unit. Reddy claimed that the electrician had actually written the letter.

Regardless of who did what, this is more of the “Trump Effect.” A nation once filled with compassionate, tolerant, and understanding people has been infiltrated by Trump supporters who are judgmental, filled with hate, and prejudiced towards others who are ‘not like them.’

Over the weekend, a group of Muslims leaving their mosque in north London was rundown by a man in a van. There were nine injuries and one death.

In Virginia a 17-year-old Muslim woman was standing outside of her mosque and abducted. She was discovered bludgeoned to death on Monday.

During his rallies, Trump preached hatred and violence, and his supporters listened well.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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