Democracy in America is under Attack: Trump, Spicer, Ryan, and McConnell


You need not be a political expert or a member of the media to know that Trump and his circle of sinners attacks democracy in America every day. His administration would not exist without secrecy and lies. Complicit in Trump’s efforts to create a fascist regime are his family, his closest advisers, his paid spin doctors, Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer, as well as failed Republican leaders Lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch “the traitor” McConnell.

Yesterday Spicer held what he called a ‘press conference.’ However, in a very Nazi-like manner, the ‘conference’ was held behind closed doors. Television cameras and all recording devices were ‘verboten.’ Yes, my friends, the situation in Washington is deteriorating.

Meanwhile, the Senate is engaged in secret meetings of its own; but only Republicans are allowed behind the doors. Mitch McConnell is attempting to rush a senate version of Trumpcare through the senate before the July 4th recess. But no one with the exception of 13 Republican senators know the contents of the bill.

Trump continues to engage in policies which are secretive and refuse the right of the American people to know what their government is doing. Trump is an autocrat who denounces the rights of all Americans by refusing to establish a relationship with the legitimate press. This is the first step in establishing fascism. His policies are purely partisan, a very ‘Hitleresque’ techinque.

Every Trump proposal; Trumpcare, his budget, and his blueprint for repairing our infrastructure, are gifts to himself and the one-percent. All three offer huge tax cuts for the one-percent which includes Trump and his spawn. For example; Trump is proposing one-trillion dollars to repair our roads, bridges, waterways, and other decaying structures. Experts claim that the figure should be three-trillion. However, of that one-trillion, only 200 billion will be allotted for actual construction; 800 billion will be in the form of tax cuts for the one-percent.

If you support Trump, you are allowing yourself to be conned. He has no interest in being the President of the United States. He is using his illegitimate office to increase his personal wealth. Trump is no longer attempting to hide the fact that he is a white supremacist, an Islamophobe, and a sexist. Every executive order, and every proposed piece of legislation will harm the American people he promised to serve.

Republicans talk about tax cuts constantly. Uninformed Republican voters are fooled into believing that they will receive more money in their paychecks. These tax cuts will be more of the failed policies of Reagan, and both Bush’s; ‘trickle-down economics.’ The so called ‘job creators’ will simply place their bloated profits into offshore accounts, or purchase their fifth 40 million dollar mansion.

Vote for Democrats or vote for the one-percent; your choice.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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