All Eyes on Georgia Today: Is the Special Election Really that Important?

Georgia State Capital

When controversial Tom Price left his seat in Congress to become Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, he left Georgia’s sixth district without representation. Today a special election is being held to fill that seat. It has become the most expensive contest in history for a seat in the House.

What makes it both remarkable and expensive is that the Democrat, Jon Ossoff, has a chance to defeat Republican Karen Handel. The last pre-election poll had Ossoff winning by two-one-hundredths of a percentage point.

The sixth district has been held by a GOP politician since 1979. It belonged to Democrats prior to that year because former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter was in the White House.

Georgia elections are historically a ‘slam dunk’ for Republican candidates. The fact that the election appears to be extremely close is considered a referendum aimed at the failing presidency of Donald Trump.

Republicans and Democrats have spent an estimated 56 million dollars each to support their candidates. Trump, Mike Pence, and Paul Ryan have all made appearances in the district to encourage Republican voters to go to the polls today.

The campaign has become bitter, as the Republican solo tactic of ‘attack ads’ have circulated lies and misguided facts about Ossoff.

When will it stop?” a narrator asks over images of Scalise being wheeled away on a stretcher and the sounds of gunshots. It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday, because the same unhinged leftists cheering last week’s shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff. And if he wins, they win.”

This is what Republicans have done since 2000. They can’t run on the issues, they oppose every working man and woman in the State of Georgia.

The man is fighting for his life,” Ossoff said, according to the Journal. I think it’s disgraceful to politicize it, and I think Secretary Handel should call for it to come down.”

Republicans cannot win whenever they are forced to answer questions about healthcare, the fight to defeat terrorists, or how to solve the problem of growing hate crimes in America. They don’t have an answer about real immigration reform, education, or how to decrease the number of families living in poverty. Trump could not campaign on real issues; he needed help from a foreign nation to win the Electoral College.

It would be a great win for the people of Georgia if Ossoff wins, but it will be a statement by the people if the election is even close. Trump’s favorable rating dropped once again today; how long before it hits zero?

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Ken Lund

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