What the Media is not Telling the American People

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No other day in the week offers less factual news than Sunday. The morning talk shows appear to be an effort to inform the American people about current events. Their guests are frequently well known politicians, or former politicians. What these “news” shows actually provide is a forum for individuals to express their opinions, and attempt to influence the American people that their beliefs are the only true beliefs.

This week I found that every one of these shows covered up the truth about what is happening in America today. Moderators and their guests repeated statements about “the left” and “the right.” Today our divided nation has nothing to do with politics. America is engaged in a second civil war. This war is not bloody, as of today, it is a war between those who would destroy the principles and beliefs of our founding fathers, and those of us who remain patriotic to the ideals of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and the Roosevelts among others.

Let’s be clear and not engage in ‘politispeak.’ This is not a war between Democrats and Republicans. This is a war between those of us who revere the Constitution, and those who place profit before people.

Donald Trump is not a Republican; he is an opportunistic businessman. Every proposal from our illegitimate president, including Trumpcare, his budget, and his plan to ‘repair our infrastructure is a plan to increase his personal wealth. All of his proposals would harm the working class and offer additional tax cuts for himself and others in the one-percent of wealthiest Americans.

Lyin Paul Ryan is not a Republican. He is an opportunistic politician who places his Republican Party in name only ahead of the American people. His goal is to maintain his position of power and wealth. He has proven himself to be the biggest hypocrite in our nation. At one time he denounced Trump’s lack of morals and qualifications to lead our nation. Today he bows to Trump’s every demand without consideration for the voting public.

Mitch McConnell was never a Republican. He has been a traitor to the American people for more than 30 years. Not once in his career has he ever considered those who elected him. His support of the wealthy has a single purpose; to ensure that their money goes to himself and members of his party to buy elections and maintain the power of his fake-Republican cronies.

Finally, the truth which proves all of my statements.

The working class, low income Americans, and the poor do not have lobbyists in Washington. Lobbyists are owned by the one-percent, and they are not concerned with 99 percent of the American people. Lobbyists have a single purpose; to buy the votes of our Congressmen and Senators.

You must decide if you will vote for the one-percent or yourself and your loved ones in 2018 and 2020. If you vote along party lines, you are voting against you.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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