United States is the Least Safe Country in the Free World to Raise Children

Children and Guns

This article will not surprise any informed American, and it will go unnoticed by the thousands of gun nuts in America. Overall, the United States is the most violent and dangerous country among all developed nations; and it’s not improving. It is also the least safe country in the free world in which to raise children.

A recently released statistic is unforgivable. Between 2012 and 2014, an average of 1,297 children died from the use of a gun each year. An additional 5,790 were treated in hospitals related to the discharge of a gun.

Each year in the study revealed that 53 percent were homicides, 38 percent were suicides, and 6 percent were unintentional firearm deaths. Each day 19 children are killed or harmed from gunfire.

One of the statistics is entirely preventable. Most of the six percent who were killed ‘unintentionally’ were the result of improperly secured firearms in the home. A simple policy would eliminate virtually 100 percent of these unnecessary deaths.

Before 1976, the NRA was a gun safety organization and not a lobby for the gun industry. They offered advice which continues to be common sense today. All guns kept in the home should be unloaded, and the weapons and ammunition locked safely in separate areas. Simple, easy, and 100 percent effective.

Psychologists believe that the suicide rate of 38 percent could also be eliminated. The statistics in the study only included age 10 and above. Vigilance, communication, awareness, and obtaining professional assistance at the first sign of depression, isolation, or frequent mood changes would eliminate most of these premature deaths.

Finally, the NRA cannot be trusted. Every logical solution to decreasing the gun violence in America is denounced by this lobby which represents a billion dollar industry. They are not part of the solution, they ARE the problem. In the last two years, America has experienced more mass shootings than days on the calendar.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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