Hasty Actions by Mitch McConnell Further Damage America and his Failing Party


With an approval rating of only 36 percent, Lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch “the traitor” McConnell are backing the wrong horse in Donald J. Trump. Lyin Ryan ramrodded a healthcare bill through the House which will murder thousands of Americans each year if passed by the Senate. Now ‘traitor’ McConnell is attempting to do the same in the Senate, without allowing one Democrat to read the proposal.

McConnell has promised his fuhrer that it would be passed before July 4th, and this week will either confirm that date or fail.

House Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has asked to meet with all Senators to discuss the contents of Trumpcare 2, and Bernie Sanders leaked a Democratic plan to stall the bill if hypocrites in the GOP attempt to pass it without deliberating its contents.

Three notables in McConnell’s own party have become critical of the old man from Kentucky. Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski have all voiced their opposition to hastily pass the bill at Trump’s insistence. Murkowski reiterated her support for Planned Parenthood which is likely to be de-funded under a Republicans only bill.

One special election, which will be held tomorrow, may give many Republicans concerns about their future, and influence voting in the Senate. Republican Karen Handel, and Democrat Jon Ossoff are fighting for a vacant seat in the House. This district is considered one of the ‘reddest’ in the nation, and an upset win for Ossoff could signal a change in the political balance of our nation. Most believe that it would be a vote against Donald Trump.

The RNC has spent more than $50 million in support of Handel, and Trump, Pence, and Lyin Ryan have all made appearances in the Peach State.

With an approval rating in the mid-thirties, Trump is a detriment to Republican politicians. The escalating fear is the midterm election in November of 2018 when all 435 seats in Congress are up for reelection, and one-third of the Senate. Independents and registered Democrats are notorious for their apathy in the midterms. Will this happen 17 months from now? Republicans appear to be counting on it.

Vote for yourself and prove them wrong.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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