Devin Nunes Is Back in the News Again Defending his Master


Denying the truth is ‘standard operating procedure’ by Republican politicians. Do you remember Devin Nunes? He is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee which began the investigations into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign staff and Russia during the 2016 election. Saturday he once again denied any connections and whined about the way he was treated.

When the investigation began to escalate, Nunes quickly ran to the White House in what appeared to be a desperate attempt for guidance. Of course he denied that this was his purpose.

I said, ‘OK, I don’t think there’s any collusion here,” Nunes, a California senator, said in a speech at the Orange County Republican Party’s annual Flag Day Salute dinner on Saturday.

Then he attempted to receive sympathy from the right wing audience.

And what happened to me? All the major papers in the country did a total character assassination on me. Why? Because I was telling the truth, that there was never any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians,” Nunes said, as cited by Politico.

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it must be a duck.” Nunes is obviously Trump’s whipping boy. We know that multiple members of Trump’s team communicated frequently during the campaign. “When there’s smoke, there’s fire.” (Sorry for the use of ‘trite’ quotations, but sometimes they can replace a thousand words).

This is a perfect time to take a look at the foreign press which is not pressured to increase advertising revenue. Several publications in Europe, and primarily in Great Britain, have outlined the timeline of Trump’s close association with Vladimir Putin.

It began in 2005 when Trump took the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow. In 2013 he was in Moscow once again. Not only did he engage in illicit sexual acts with two Russian prostitutes, he met with several Russian oligarchs. The purpose was reported to be discussions regarding how to launder their fortunes with the purchase of America real estate.

Even if you refuse to believe these instances, look at his actions after he was gifted the election by the Electoral College.

His own aides have revealed that Trump and his advisers had planned to remove any and all sanctions against Russia in his first week in office.

Not enough?

Two days after he fired James Comey for refusing to end the FBI’s investigation into his Russian connections, he acted upon a ‘request’ from Putin. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Ambassador/Spy, Sergey Kislyak were invited to the Oval Office. The meeting was held in secrecy; the doors were shut, and the White House press corps was banned from attending. However, a Russian news agency was in attendance. During the meeting, Trump revealed classified information to the Russians which originated from Israel.

The truth is that there’s so much smoke, we can’t yet see the flames.

Nunes is a disgrace to his office. He is a traitor who will say and do anything to protect his fuhrer.

As Yoda might say: “Out of office, he must go.”

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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