Avid, Black Supporter of Trump Says “no” to Position in his Administration


Absolutely no one in his right mind wants to work with Donald Trump. Known for explosive temper tantrums, and an obsession with one-sided loyalty, Trump is a proven ‘horrible boss.’ Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. is the black sheriff of Milwaukee County. He spoke at Trump’s convention in 2016, and was recently asked to be an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. Initially he accepted the position but later changed his mind.

“Late Friday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. formally notified Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly that he had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer to join DHS as an assistant secretary,” said Craig Peterson, an adviser to Clarke. “Sheriff Clarke is 100 percent committed to the success of President Trump and believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the president’s agenda in a more aggressive role.”

Pardon me if I refuse to believe the Sheriff. With Trump’s approval rating continuing a downward path, many of his own supporters must be experiencing ‘buyer’s remorse.’

In addition, after 27 men and women who declined Trump’s invitation to work in his circle of sinners explained their reasons, Sheriff Clarke may have had a similar epiphany. It could be political suicide to have on your resume that ‘I worked for the worst president in American history.’ Or; ‘I supported a man who was proven a traitor to his nation and to his people.’ Or simply; ‘I believed in the policies of a man who was a white supremacist, an Islamophobe, was an accused sexual predator, and had no morals.’ Loser is the appropriate label.

“The sheriff is reviewing options inside and outside of government,” Peterson said. “Sheriff Clarke told Secretary Kelly he is very appreciative of the tremendous opportunity the secretary was offering, and expressed his support for the secretary and the agency.”

The former is a very professional way of saying “f**k no; take this job and shove it.”

Anyone who has watched Sean Spicer has offered him their pity. Not only is he forced to lie for his boss constantly, his prepared statements are frequently denounced by Trumps incessant tweets. All of those same people, and I include myself, would shake their heads and say, at least to themselves; ‘why would anyone put up with that s**t?’

And then there’s Kellyanne Conway who has no self-worth, no principles, and is a literal attention whore.

Sheriff; you are far better off in Milwaukee than in Washington.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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