Okay Lyin Ryan and Old Man McConnell: What’s Your Excuse Now?


For eight years of the Obama Administration Republicans accomplished absolutely nothing; and that was intentional. When the GOP regained control of both houses of Congress in 2014, McConnell and John Boehner held a news conference and stated that now ‘congress would get to work.’ All lies; two more years of zilch.

Republicans now have control of the White House and congress, and nothing has been accomplished. What are their excuses now?

The truth is that they have a horrendous and illegitimate president in the White House who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. The other problem is that Lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch “the traitor” McConnell are horrible leaders who have zero ability to govern effectively. All these two failures have done is to attempt the hasty passage of legislation demanded by their fuhrer, knowing full well that every bill is worse than the last.

This weekend Lyin Ryan attempted to “reassure GOP donors and lobbyists over the weekend that the Republican Party’s agenda is on track, and laid out a fast-track timeline for some of the party’s most critical policy objectives.”

He promised his right wing cohorts that Trumpcare would be passed by July 4th, and the budget would pass by the end of the year. He also promised quick passage of infrastructure proposals. He’s out of his f**king mind.

If this would happen, Republicans would suffer enormous losses in 2018. Every issue Lyin Ryan just spoke of would be harmful to the majority, and a gift to the one-percent.

Everyone knows about Trumpcare, and how millions of Americans would lose their healthcare; premium costs would rise dramatically; and the one-percent would benefit in the form of tax cuts. The GOP would literally be murdering thousands of Americans each year; primarily those living in low income and poverty levels.

Trump’s budget would eliminate necessary services for his own supporters by reducing Medicaid, and other programs such as ‘meals on wheels.’ The one-percent would receive additional tax cuts.

The blueprint for his infrastructure plan asks for one-trillion dollars. Of the $1,000,000,000,000, only $200 billion would actually be spent on construction; $800 billion would go, guess where; that’s right, to tax breaks for Trump and his cronies, the one-percent.

What we have here is corruption at the highest level. Trump is gifting himself at the expense of the vast majority of the American people.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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