No Mar-a-Lago this Weekend? Why? Is Melania the Reason?


This weekend Trump is not wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and going to his millionaire and billionaire’s only club; Mar-a-Lago. Instead Trump, Melania, and son Barron will make their first trip to Camp David. Why the change?

Could it be that Trump doesn’t want Melania to know what he was doing at Mar-a-Lago? Is this similar to one of the opening scenes in “Dave.”

Let’s be perfectly honest here; Trump is not a family man. He is a sexual predator who has a trophy wife he verbally abuses; this according to Melania’s New York friends and acquaintances.

Honestly, I don’t get it. There is no ‘world class’ golf course at Camp David. Trump will not have an 18 hole course worthy of his obese body’s struggle to ride in a golf cart for three hours.

Maybe they need time to discuss how Melania can return to Trump Tower in New York. It is a known fact that she does not want to live in the White House. This is not what she signed on for when she agreed to service this obese, dirty old man in 2005. By the way, that’s the same year the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes were made.

Then there was the lack of interaction between Trump and Melania during their trip abroad. At least twice she refused to hold her husband’s hand, rejecting physical contact. I can only imagine what ‘goes on behind closed doors.’

Let’s be honest; Trump is an obese 71 year old man who is crude and has a horrible temper. He does not possess a sense of humor. Melania is a beautiful 47 year old woman who understands more about America than her husband who is the illegitimate president.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Boss Tweed

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