In Defense of the “Fake News” (I don’t mean FOX)


Trump watches the ‘fake news’ incessantly, and calls legitimate news fake. His attempts to distract the voting public may convince his supporters, but the great majority of Americans refuse to accept his “alternative facts.” Without ‘real’ news, Nixon would have remained in the White House; Iran Contra would never have been discovered; the Whitewater scandal and Monica Lewinsky would have never been discussed; the fact that Bush and Cheney lied about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq would have remained a secret. Without a legitimate media, the “Access Hollywood” tapes would never have been heard. Without a fourth estate, Trump’s continuous lies would not be exposed.

What has been ignored in this battle created by Trump is the foreign press. They have even more credibility because they refuse to place advertising revenue ahead of the truth. And the American television news ignores the stories about Trump and his circle of sinners because they are even more damning.

One of the articles on the British publication, the Guardian bears the title Victories against Trump are mounting. Here’s how we deal the final blow.”

France’s leading newspaper, ‘Le Monde,’ headlined: “On climate change: an abdicationist America.” It discussed the idiocy of Trump’s refusal to sign the Paris Accord.

Germany’s leading paper, ‘Der Spiegel,’ discussed the decline of democracy in America in an article titled, “Firing at Democracy: The Toxic State of America.” It also exposed our love of guns.

In Canada, “The Globe and Mail” had a front page article titled “Trump acknowledges for first time he’s under investigation.”

The Moscow Times headline: “Game On: Russia’s Cyber Athletes Have Asian Rivals in Their Sights.” Sound familiar?

The articles in these publications are far more accusatory, and more informative than those in American newspapers.

There is a multitude of truly ‘mind-awakening’ news around the world. If you are tired of Trump’s alternative facts, turn off the television and read. Become informed and when you vote, vote on what you know, not on what you are told.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of James Cridland

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